Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

The forestry company in Kenya and Uganda that manages the trees

Like most major companies we work as a group of companies, with each company focusing on a different aspect of operations.

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. is a Kenyan company, privately owned by the founders, who also work in the company. Better Globe Forestry Ltd. is a contracting party in all partnerships in Kenya and Uganda. We are also the ones who plant and take care of the trees that you buy as a customer, and who will carry out the repurchases under the repurchase agreement for the trees you own.

We operate and run the plantations and train and support the partner farmers who plant trees in partnership with us. We also arrange trips for those clients and ambassadors from around the world who want to visit the locations in Kenya and Uganda.

Well rooted in the Kenyan business community

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. has a very good reputation in Kenya and Uganda. We collaborate with many other organizations and we are well-connected with policymakers across the political spectrum. Unlike many other forestry companies, we work “bottom-up”, that is, we anchor all projects and decisions on a local level and then work our way upwards.

This is a time-consuming way to work, but in return, we get important local support for all our businesses and reduce problems with corruption to a minimum. It also means that we naturally avoid so-called “land grabbing” and all the problems that it can lead to, for us and the business community.

The Norwegian ambassador to Kenya, Kenya's vice president and founder of Better Globe Rino Solberg. July 2008

The Norwegian ambassador in Kenya, Kenya’s vice president and founder of Better Globe Rino Solberg. July 2008

Better Globe Foundation

Since 2016 we have also started a foundation, Better Globe Foundation, to more clearly distinguish the charity part of our business from the commercial. When you buy a donation package, the donation part will end up in the foundation’s account and will be administered from there, to ensure that every cent is used appropriately; towards donated trees, schools, water supply and micro-credit operations. The Better Globe Foundation also cooperates with KenGen and Bamburi in “The Schools Green Initiative Challenge“, where tree plants are donated to schools, giving students and staff the opportunity to plant and manage the plants. In this manner they become replanting ambassadors and learn the importance of trees and the value of planting and conserving them.

The magazine “Miti”

We also publish the magazine “Miti” (Tree in Swahili), which is an industry magazine about commercial tree planting in East Africa. The magazine is used as reference material in the forest industry and by scientists, farmers and students. By constantly sharing the expert knowledge and experience we acquire, we can make an even bigger difference faster. At the same time we get a natural exchange of knowledge with many different players in the industry and an increasingly wider network of contacts.

If you want to read more about Better Globe Forestry, we recommend the Kenyan website:

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Robin Granqvist
Gothenburg, Sweden

I started buying donation packages via Better Globe in 2016, because I liked the idea to get return on my money at the same time as I was helping people to lead better lives. I went to Kenya in 2017 and when I was there I got to see that it really works. 

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