We hereby have the pleasure of inviting all our tree customers to the annual information meeting. At this customer event, we will give you information about all the good that your trees have contributed to, and tell you about this year’s most important events. We are very proud of everything that has been achieved.

You will also be able to attend two short theme lectures on sustainable and ethical saving and on the positive economic impact of your tree purchases. Our savings have a larger environmental impact than our car driving or e.g. meat consumption. By saving money ethically, sustainably and in the long term, we actually choose what we want more of in the future.

We also want to show appreciation by matching  our regular 1 donation package + 10 trees a month-offer beyond the 164 trees. You will be offered some bonus trees. You are welcome to attend one of these evenings and you get your ticket – which is free of charge .

  • Stockholm – Tuesday, November 6, 18.00 – approx. 20.00
  • Gothenburg – Wednesday, November 7th, 18.00 – approx. 20.00
  • Malmö – Thursday 8 November, 18.00 – approx. 20.00

We hope to see you there, since we will also present a lot of other news that we believe and hope you will appreciate.

Warm regards,
Better Globe

Start saving in trees or reserve a seat on a webinar

If you also want to join in and do good, contribute to a better world and manage your savings in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below.

Please feel free to read more here on the website, if you have other questions. We have a FAQ page with the 50 most frequently asked questions, and you can of course contact us at support@betterglobe.com.

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