Our Products

Our Products

Two products for a better world

We plant trees in the semi-desert south of the Sahara and have local customers who purchase the harvest and wood from the trees. We have customers around the world who contribute to our financing by buying trees and donation packages, while they themselves save their money in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way.

As a customer with us, you contribute to the fact that trees can be planted in parts of the world that are in great need of new forest. At the same time, you are helping to create jobs in rural areas in eastern Africa. The consequence is reduced poverty and increased opportunities for families to stay together.

You also contribute to a positive environmental impact because the trees bind carbon dioxide, prevent desertification, stabilize the soil and provide the conditions for more nutritious agricultural land. All in all, soil erosion and dehydration of lakes are counteracted.

We share the profit from the trees

We believe that real and long-term sustainability can only be achieved if all parties in a business fulfill a profit interest. Our business is therefore commercial and profit-driven. According to our business model, we share the profit that the trees give during their production age and when they are finally harvested. As a customer, you get part of the profit your trees contribute.

Infographics showing the expected return over 20 years.
Infographics showing the expected return over 20 years.

Each tree you buy for 17 € gives an expected return over a 20-year period of 208.25 €. Up to and including 2017, we paid out almost  1 million EURO to the customers who bought trees during the period 2006 to 2013.

Donation Package – do good and make money

We wish that all our customers would buy donation packages. The donation package includes four trees and funding for, among other things, school activities. Two of the trees in the donation package retain you as a customer and receive a return in the same way as described above. The other two trees in the package are donated to farmers, to local organizations and to schools. They thus gain access to the trees’ value growth.

Schoolchildren on a study visit to one of Better Globe’s apple mango plantations in Kibwezi, 2015.

At present, we have used money from the donation packages to build two schools, to finance the purchase of one and towards renovation of several schools. Part of the money in the donation packages finances microloans and microloan banks. We do not run any schools or microloan banks ourselves; we finance the operations and leave operations to partner organizations.

The final part of the donation package is financing of water-related projects. We help to finance drilling of wells, we put up gutters and tanks, when necessary we provide water to areas where it is needed and where we operate, and so on.

Regular savings – something we appreciate and reward

Like other businesses, we are dependent on regular revenue. We need to pay our employees salaries, manage the plantations and develop the business. Therefore, we really appreciate the customers who buy trees or donation packages regularly.

From a private financial perspective, it is more profitable for you as a customer to buy trees for 17 € apiece than donation packages with two trees for 53 € per package. For us, everything that the donation packages contribute to, such as school activities, microloans and increased access to water, is of the utmost importance. We have therefore chosen to reward all customers who buy at least one donation package and 10 trees each month.

We do this by giving out 20 bonus trees at the end of the year. Buying a donation package and 10 trees every month results in 12 trees per month, or 144 trees per year. In addition, you get 20 bonus trees, which means that you have a total of 164 trees at the end of the year. The average price for the trees will then be 16.31 €, which is less than the regular price of 17 €. Since the amount you get in return for each tree does not change, the percent of return is higher, even though you buy the slightly more expensive donation packages.

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If you also want to join in and do good, contribute to a better world and manage your savings in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below.

Please feel free to read more here on the website, if you have other questions. We have a FAQ page with the 50 most frequently asked questions, and you can of course contact us at support@betterglobe.com.

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If you also want to do good, contribute to a better world and save your money in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below. Start saving monthly or buy single trees

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Cécile Tartar Jönsson
Åkarp, Sweden

Thanks to Better Globe everyone is a winner. Children get to go to school, people get jobs, micro loans and an opportunity to get out of poverty, and I as an investor get a return on my money. Everybody profits! And the planet also feels good about the planted trees. I think that it is an amazing and sustainable business model, that I really want to recommend to everyone I know.

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If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at support@betterglobe.com

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