The Donation Package

The Donation Package

The reason for all the good we can do

The donation package is the product that we are most proud of because it is the one that truly combines doing good with making money at the same time. In addition to jobs, the donation package also contributes to education, microloans and water-related activities.

The donation package is perhaps Better Globe’s most important product. In addition to the two trees that yield returns to the buyer of the package, the donation package contains very important features for a larger context.

  • 2 trees that give you an expected return over 20 years.
  • 2 trees that are donated as a gift to local organizations.
  • 500 liters or equivalent value for water-related projects.
  • 1.50 € is specifically allocated to building and / or renovating schools.
  • 1.50 € is allocated to finance the local villages’ microloans.

The donation package costs 53 € and can be purchased on occasional occasions, but of course we wish that all our customers would save monthly in these donation packages. It is good for the people over there, it is good for us and it is good for the customer. If we deduct two trees worth 34 € from the 53 € donation package, we have 19 € left which can do all the good that we have set ourselves as a goal.

Your two trees provide an expected return of ca. 416,50 €

In terms of your annual return, the trees in the donation package work in exactly the same way as those trees that are bought separately. The trees begin to generate income after the first four years, when they start producing fruit and other things, that can be sold and generate profit, which is shared with us, the customers.

After the fourth year you can anticipate an expected return of 2.55 € per tree, a total of € 5.10 per donation package. You are entitled to that return every year, over the next fifteen years. At the final harvest, taking place after 20 years, the expected return is 170 € per tree. That is 340 € per donation package.

If you sum it up, it looks like this:

Your expected return from the trees over 20 years in the form of repurchases
Your expected return from the trees over 20 years in the form of repurchases

The expected return per donation package is 416.50 €. It is not risk-free, there are no guarantees and you can lose all your deposited capital. Read more about this on this website.

The trees that are donated

The donation package you buy includes two trees that are donated to, among others, 900 schools that Better Globe is in partnership with. Better Globe has also started the Green Initiative Challenge (GIC) together with Bamburi and KenGen, which are two of the largest construction and energy actors in Kenya, respectively. We donate trees to the GIC to involve children in environment-related activities that lead to an awareness of nature. When you buy the donation package, you help to complete the circle in this initiative, as the fruits and returns that the trees provide go to the schools.

Water-related projects

Most people who live in the areas around the semi-desert may need to walk many hours every day to collect water. It is often the women and children in the communities who are assigned this task. When we arrange water access to our crops, we also contribute to the access to these sources to the communities that exist around the cultivation. In many cases we support them with water tanks and gutters. We have the opportunity to give this support thanks to the donation packages.

Financing, new construction and renovation of schools

Mboti primary school in Sosoma, Kenya. Here, Better Globe has financed renovations of the preschool in the picture and contributed with water, water tanks and gutters, and more, using money from the donation packages.
Mboti primary school in Sosoma, Kenya. Here, Better Globe has financed renovations of the preschool in the picture and contributed with water, water tanks and gutters, and more, using money from the donation packages.

Many children in families that live in African villages must contribute to the household and education is rarely free of charge. As a result of this, many parents simply cannot afford to let the children go to school for longer periods; they are needed at home and the money is needed for food. Because we construct our plantations in the countryside and create paid jobs, we indirectly give the children the opportunity to go to school.


We operate our tree plantations in some of the areas where the poor population consists of farmers in rural areas. Microfinance enables people in the area to earn their own money, by expanding their own farming activities and their income. A part of the loan is often used to make life more comfortable, with a tin roof or a comfortable mattress.

It can also go to things that make it possible for people to save money in the long-run, like buying a solar-powered lamp instead of oil lamps. Healthcare is also of importance, while some use their loans to start or develop their agriculture or livestock, or to start another business in order to generate a secondary income.

Solar panel on the roof at home of one of the microloan borrowers
Solar panel on the roof at home of one of the microloan borrowers

It can also be used towards school fees or for constructing and renovating buildings. The borrowers can also choose to borrow assets such as chairs (for a café or lecture activities for example), water tanks and solar cells.

Better Globe Foundation

Since 2016, we at Better Globe account for the money from the donation packages separately, which do not apply to your trees, in a non-profit foundation. The reasons are many, but we think it is the correct way to do it. At the same time, we at Better Globe Foundation have several collaborations in local projects with other companies, such as Kenya’s largest electricity company KenGen.

Regular savings

The donation package can of course be combined with the purchase of any number of trees in addition to the two included in each package. We at Better Globe encourage and reward regular savings.

Ready to buy some trees?

If you also want to do good, contribute to a better world and save your money in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below. Start saving monthly or buy single trees

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Sandra Aviani
Gothenburg, Sweden

I was looking for investments with a sustainable and ethical focus, as well as good returns, for a long time, and I found Better Globe a few years ago. When I learned more about Better Globe’s operations, how they think and how they operate their business, it set me on fire. I had finally found an investment opportunity that gave great returns and where many profit at the same time. An investment that really means something!

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