Regular Savings

Regular Savings

The key to success for both you and for us...

As a customer of Better Globe, you completely decide for yourself when you buy, what you buy, and how much you buy. However, Better Globe’s model is based on regularity.

We work long-term and that is why we are dependent on our customers’ long-term perspective. Buying trees in the long term is not only good for us and the local business, but it is also good for you. We need it in order to to be able to manage our business efficiently all year round in best possible way, and water and schools are obviously needed all year round.

Our best advice: regular savings

By regularly buying trees in Better Globe, you build up a portfolio of trees from different years and these trees will give you gradually increasing returns. In this way, your returns will keep on increasing and eventually stabilize at the level you have chosen. After about 10 years you are also break-even, which means that after ten years you get as much back in the form of return as you put into your tree savings that year.

This means that from the 10th year onwards you can continue to buy the same amount of trees as before, but the big difference is that you can now choose to buy the new trees with the yield from the trees you already own, instead of using new money.

We at Better Globe benefit from these regular savings because we can plan and budget our operations, and therefore we encourage regular savings by rewarding all customers who regularly save 1 donation package and 10 trees a month with 20 bonus trees at the end of the year. The bottom line in the infographic below shows the total expected return on the savings, which is 34 153 €.

Your expected return from the trees over 20 years in the form of repurchases
Your expected return from the trees over 20 years in the form of repurchases

The bonus trees provide the same returns as the regular trees, making this alternative a good deal for you as a customer over time. You can of course buy trees and donation packages at any time during the year if you have not started saving directly in January. In order to get your 20 bonus trees you need to buy at least 12 donation packages and 120 trees by December. The offer cannot be combined with other offers.

If you buy trees according to this model, it gives you, in addition to the great benefits your savings contribute with through the donation packages, a more advantageous price per tree than if you buy them individually for 17 €. The price will then be 16.31 € per tree, thanks to the 20 bonus trees.

Continuous monthly savings build your tree portfolio

The best thing you can do is save regularly every month, several years in a row. Not only does it help us run a good business over there, it also means that your overall annual return grows every year, from the fifth year when we start buying back your trees. If you buy trees in 2019, you will get your first return in 2023 and the next 15 years, until the final felling takes place in 2038.

If you also buy trees the following year, in 2020, you will get the first return in 2024, in addition to your return for the 2019 trees. Each year you decide to buy more trees and donation packages, you increase your return in this manner. This is very easy to understand if you use our tree calculator on the following page:

This does not prevent you from buying extra trees when it makes sense for various reasons, such as when you get a tax refund or dividends from shares and the like. You can then log in to your customer account and buy more trees. One thing does not exclude the other.

You can also use the tree calculator to see what your annual return is expected to be in the future. In this way, you can find out how many trees and donation packages you need to buy, based on how much you want to receive each year.

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If you also want to join in and do good, contribute to a better world and manage your savings in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below.

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If you also want to do good, contribute to a better world and save your money in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below. Start saving monthly or buy single trees

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Martin Pedersen
Lund, Sweden

To me, Better Globe is exactly the type of savings format that I have been trying to find for a long time. I can make my savings do good for both people and the environment, while I also get a really good return on the money over a long period of time. I see Better Globe as a great opportunity for me to retire earlier.

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