Smart Customer

Smart Customer

A smart customer get trees at no cost

We at Better Globe obviously want as many people as possible to buy our valuable donation packages, and therefore we have created a reward for all of you who help us get more customers to buy donation packages. Below, you can read more about how you as a customer can get your own donation package completely free.

All customers have a unique customer number that can be linked together to show when you have brought us a new customer. When your customers buy donation packages every month, it can get you to a place where you will be rewarded your own donation package for free. Being a smart customer is to be smart in several ways.

It is smart to the extent that more schools can be built, more microloans can be financed, which can change the life of a whole village, and more people can also access clean water. It is also smart because more trees are donated, and when these trees are planted and grow they bind the soil, absorb toxins in the air we breathe and they also yield profits to the person or persons who got the trees.

It is also smart because it gets you to the point where you don’t have to pay for the donation package you were going to buy anyway.

We reward all customers who have  brought us six new customers who buy donation packages

You can of course help us spread our important vision to any number of people, but already when you have six customers who are connected to you through your unique customer number, we reward you with your own donation package. Every month, as six other people connected to your customer number buy their donation package, you get a donation package for free.

The donation package you get at no cost is not only a short-term saving of €53, it also has a long-term profit, as you are eligible for the expected return of €408 as well. This is our bonus system for customers, also called “affiliate system”, which helps us reach out with our important message. It is an opportunity that is always available to you, but it is not mandatory.

How does it work?

All customers have a unique customer number, a so-called AID number. It is a five-digit long number, but if you have been a customer for a long time it may be shorter. You use this number to connect your account with the customers who register via that link. Regardless of whether you use or, you add “/” and then your unique customer number. For example:


Regardless of whether you use the address for your family, one of your companies, your husband, your children or whatever it may be, you use the address with YOUR unique customer number. If you have a friend at a distance who is curious about buying trees or donation packages, or if you just want to tell someone about Better Globe, then you give them the Internet address with your unique customer number.

You do this to help us spread our important message and to become what we call a “Smart customer”.

Start saving in trees or reserve a seat on a webinar

If you also want to join in and do good, contribute to a better world and manage your savings in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below.

Please feel free to read more here on the website, if you have other questions. We have a FAQ page with the 50 most frequently asked questions, and you can of course contact us at

Ready to buy some trees?

If you also want to do good, contribute to a better world and save your money in an ethical, sustainable and long-term way, use the link below. Start saving monthly or buy single trees

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Each Tuesday evening at 8.30 pm we host a live-streamed information meeting online, where you can get more information. It is free of course, and you will be able to ask questions. Book your seat
Johan Dahl
Gothenburg, Sweden

Before I heard about Better Globe, I had long been looking for a way to have a sustainable and positive impact on the people and the environment in Africa, while generating an ethical income for myself at the same time. I am so grateful that Better Globe gives me this opportunity and reading the reports about the difference that has already been made for the people and the environment really warms my heart, at the same time as the return on my investment generates a passive income that is of great value to my life.

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If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

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